Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Wall's Still There

It's been hard these last few days. I feel like I'm just pushing against a wall.
I've not let it defeat me yet and parts of my run feel really good, but parts of it, and it's usually at the start, feel hard.
I just have to not think about it and concentrate on something else.
That usually helps a lot because I let my mind wander to what I'm doing later that day, or about a family member's situation, or whether I should wash my car this week, or wait for next week and before I know if, I've run another couple of kms.

Then by the time I get to the halfway mark I figure, "well I'm on the way back now!" and it's not so bad. Each step takes me closer to the finish line.

It's not that it's a struggle, it's just been harder than normal.

I want to have one of those runs where I feel like I'm just floating on air!

Just a matter of time...

In fact what I've found is if I can get through this period, I'll soon find myself in that floating period. This is a test, and the reward is a strong run!

Anyhow I don't think I should beat myself up because I ran 16kms yesterday and 14kms today so I'm not doing badly.
I think I'm making this post sound worse than it was.

In any case, there really isn't a bad run. If you'd made it to the finish line, you've done something that the average person still isn't able to do.
That's something to be applauded!

Oh and what helped me finish strong was the fact that I knew I was making chocolate and peanut butter muffins when I got home! Yum. They're in the oven right now!

Total kilometres for February so far is 121.

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  1. I find I start to get a whole lot of runs that are just hard slogs, usually when I'm pushing my training a bit hard. If I have an easy week, my springiness comes back.