Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really don't want to talk too soon....

I hope I'm not jinxing myself but writing this but every day my back has been getting better and I've been running Saturday thru to this morning. Every day it felt a little better.

The 16kms I ran on Saturday I ran in 1:28.00 which I was happy enough with.

Now I have three days off and I wonder if the inactivity will be bad for my back. That seems to be the trend but it's really hard to run when I work.. still, might get a short run in on Thursday night just to keep things moving...

Anyhow, the news is good but I'm still going to have low kms for the month of October

Current total kms for October, 149kms

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still battling thru injury

Had to take four days off... that coupled with the three days I worked means I hadn't run for 7 days.
I get so depressed when I can't run and feel like I'll never run again...

And then I think, don't be silly, of course you'll run, but I don't think I'll ever be able to do long distances again... God I hope that's not true. I get so depressed thinking about it.

Anyhow, today I felt like my back was bearable so I took off along the beach. I wasn't sure how far I was going to run but ended up weaving in and out of streets, running hills I normally avoid and although my time was slower, generally felt ok.
I mean my back was sending shooting pains thru to my hips and upper leg but it wasn't bad enough to stop me... just bad enough to make me wonder if I was doing the right thing.

But I had to run. I just had to!!

I've noticed that I don't like going for shorter runs... runs shorter than 10kms I'd say.
I just feel like it's not worth putting on my running gear for that.
It's dumb I know because it's better to run that, than to not run at all..
I wonder if that goes through other runners minds as well?

My total kms for October is really lame and I'm almost embarrassed about it. I just hate not being able to do something I should be able to do!!

total kms for October, 95kms

Monday, October 11, 2010

Loving this warmer weather...

My good feeling running is still happening despite being a bit rundown.
I think the rundowness has to do with the weather!
Warm weather is coming... but my body will get used to it!

I actually love Spring and Summer although I do have to plan my longer runs betters to make sure I'm hydrated.

Anyhow, went for another run outdoors on the weekend and managed 15kms in 1 hour 21 which I thought was ok.

I'm really looking forward to doing long weekend runs again! Now that the mapgie threat is almost over...

So far my back has been ok. It's not fantastic but it's not getting worse and hasn't hampered my running....

I shared some photos on facebook recently and was going to include this "toes" picture but then thought non runners just wouldn't understand!! Even runners might be grossed out by it but at least they'd understand and probably have their own black toes to deal with!

I must admit, I'm kind of proud of my black toe nails. It means I'm a runner!

My daughter asked if I was going to paint the rest of my nails black now!!!

Total kms for October 69kms

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feelin' it

Wow what a morning!!

I've been easing back into running. Yesterday I ran 10kms and today I set out to run at least 12, but ended up running 14kms and felt pretty good!

It was one of those perfect mornings.

Every runner has their most preferred conditions.
For me, it's a crisp sunny morning and the perfect time is just as the sun comes up... before the heat starts to set in - when the ground is still cool.
Just love it!

And at this time of year you can smell Spring wherever you run!

Even though I ran partway along a main road and had car pollution to deal with, it didn't phase me. It felt so good to be out there!

Can't wait to do it again on Saturday! I have a couple of days off now which is probably a good idea so my body can recover and I can see how my back holds up but I'm feeling pretty positive!!

Total kms for October, 30kms

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dipping my toe in....

Every night before I run, I lay my running clothes out neatly (well some may debate the use of the word 'neatly') beside the bed so in the morning, I don't have to think. I just put them on.

Since I gave in to my back injury, I've looked at them longingly every morning. I haven't put them away. They were still there ready.

Ever ytime we go out and I see people running, I'm jealous. It's been worse these past 10 days that I haven't run.

I almost ran yesterday...

Today I was in two minds about it again and didn't put on my running clothes when I woke up but an hour later I thought I'd just give it a go...

I set out for 6kms but after about 300 meters, I thought I was going to have to stop. I felt pain going from my back down my legs.
Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't excruciating or even bad enough to cause me to stop yet, it was just there and I'm so worried I'm going to injure myself more...

After a couple of kms in, I felt comfortable and finished my 6kms...

Later on still, I realised how much I love to run simply for the way it makes me feel! My body feels so invigorated!

The pain right now is no better or worse than it was this morning so hopefully I didn't cause more damage...

Might try for the same distance tomorrow.
Just a little at a time...

Total kms for October... a measly 6kms....