Monday, October 11, 2010

Loving this warmer weather...

My good feeling running is still happening despite being a bit rundown.
I think the rundowness has to do with the weather!
Warm weather is coming... but my body will get used to it!

I actually love Spring and Summer although I do have to plan my longer runs betters to make sure I'm hydrated.

Anyhow, went for another run outdoors on the weekend and managed 15kms in 1 hour 21 which I thought was ok.

I'm really looking forward to doing long weekend runs again! Now that the mapgie threat is almost over...

So far my back has been ok. It's not fantastic but it's not getting worse and hasn't hampered my running....

I shared some photos on facebook recently and was going to include this "toes" picture but then thought non runners just wouldn't understand!! Even runners might be grossed out by it but at least they'd understand and probably have their own black toes to deal with!

I must admit, I'm kind of proud of my black toe nails. It means I'm a runner!

My daughter asked if I was going to paint the rest of my nails black now!!!

Total kms for October 69kms

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  1. Gadzooks! Why do your toes look like that? Does running do that? Yikes!