Saturday, April 30, 2011

One kms off 200 for the month...

It kinda sucks and I may just get on the treadmill and run another kms because I hate odd numbers... and to finish at 199... well that's just not right!

But I'm happy with that and today I ran an easy 12kms so I'll attempt that for the next four days as well... hopefully it will be just as easy.

Yesterday I was talking to a young guy at work who was talking about running along the beach. He's got a 4km run along a regular part of my route and we were just talking about how nice it was and how much we love running... and now I've got to be paranoid that I might see him when I run.
I really don't like the way I look when I run!!
Anyhow, it's good to talk about it with a fellow enthusiast and I was really looking forward to it this morning which is probably why I had such a good run!!

Total kms for April 199kms

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Absent from Blog but still running...

I haven't been writing because it's been so hard lately. I've been running my allotted kms but only just and I've felt AWFUL afterwards... pretty sure I've had some kind of virus.
I'm not really sure what's been going on but I can't remember it ever being this hard before.

I had to resort to taking walking breaks inbetween just to reach my kms....

today was the first time in about 2 weeks where I ran 10kms straight. No stops... but I had to run at a slower pace.
So maybe I have been sick. I know I've been coughing and spluttering in the morning and feel a bit chesty but that's just today... and today was a good day!

Anyhow, analysis aside, I'm happy I ran a good one today and hope I've turned the tide.

Kms for April holding steady at 112kms

I guess all things considered that's pretty good...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hard going...

So this week I've run 52kms which is more than I've done in a long time however it's been REALLY hard going.
I ran 12kms on Saturday, which used to be my usual daily run, but I think it really taxed me so much that it affected my following runs.

I just feel like I should be back to normal now and am trying to get there as soon as possible...

Each run after that Saturday one got slightly better but it was still depressing how hard it was.

Add to that another lost toenail, and toe so sore it feels like it's going to drop off, and a strained left hamstring... well it was all conspiring against me..

But I can't be too unhappy because like I said, I did manage 52kms so guess I should be happy...

Total kms for April 52kms

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting better all the time

Yesterday I actually ventured outside and did a 12kms run.

It felt fantastic to be taking in the morning air and I was early enough to not be bothered by traffic... I headed off to the beach and enjoyed the serenity of calm seas... It was really beautiful and the time just went!

I've been running along that esplanade for about 10years off and on and it's amazing to me that I'll see the same walkers doing their daily routine.
Ten years to be walking the same route is a long time!
I like to mix my running routes up.

So I ran and by the time I hit the 10kms mark, I was ready to stop. 10 kms is the most I've run so far since coming back from injury but I'd set myself 12kms to do this morning and didn't want to let myself down!

So I perservered and ran 10km.. The last kms were harder because I was running away from the beach and back into traffic and it just wasn't pleasant at all.

Add to that a serious case of chafing... Now why is it that you can wear the same clothes over and over and then one day you put them on and get chafing!! I just don't get it! Especially as I love my running skirt and will be upset if I can't wear it anymore!!

So today I was back to a comfortable 10kms and I almost wussed out and stopped before reaching 10 but I got myself to forget about how many kms left and just kept going..
I did slow my speed though.. but still I did it

Total kms for April 22kms