Saturday, April 30, 2011

One kms off 200 for the month...

It kinda sucks and I may just get on the treadmill and run another kms because I hate odd numbers... and to finish at 199... well that's just not right!

But I'm happy with that and today I ran an easy 12kms so I'll attempt that for the next four days as well... hopefully it will be just as easy.

Yesterday I was talking to a young guy at work who was talking about running along the beach. He's got a 4km run along a regular part of my route and we were just talking about how nice it was and how much we love running... and now I've got to be paranoid that I might see him when I run.
I really don't like the way I look when I run!!
Anyhow, it's good to talk about it with a fellow enthusiast and I was really looking forward to it this morning which is probably why I had such a good run!!

Total kms for April 199kms

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