Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feelin' it

Wow what a morning!!

I've been easing back into running. Yesterday I ran 10kms and today I set out to run at least 12, but ended up running 14kms and felt pretty good!

It was one of those perfect mornings.

Every runner has their most preferred conditions.
For me, it's a crisp sunny morning and the perfect time is just as the sun comes up... before the heat starts to set in - when the ground is still cool.
Just love it!

And at this time of year you can smell Spring wherever you run!

Even though I ran partway along a main road and had car pollution to deal with, it didn't phase me. It felt so good to be out there!

Can't wait to do it again on Saturday! I have a couple of days off now which is probably a good idea so my body can recover and I can see how my back holds up but I'm feeling pretty positive!!

Total kms for October, 30kms


  1. Easy does it. Keep talking to your gods. Keep running as one and with the earth and keep giving thanks.

    Quality over quantity is your key to improving your times. Try some cadence drills and see the difference.

    Then again what do I know...

    Stay strong.