Monday, February 22, 2010


Someone wrote about reading running books on the running forums and this weekend, when the kids and I went to the local library, I found the running books and took out the entire lot!

I started reading through a few of them and I can see how inspiring and motivational they can be! Not to mention the tidbits of information I may not have known, or others that I had suspected and had confirmed...
I'm so glad I took them out!
Who would have thought it...

As it's Monday, did another treadmill run this morning but to my relief, it felt pretty easy.
I'm so dying to do a long run though.... right now, looks like the first day I'll be able to will be on Saturday and the long range forecast is showing another scorcher for Saturday... I know that can change between now and then. I hope it does!

As it stands, if I run at least 12kms each scheduled running day for the rest of this month, I'm going to beat last month's running record! Didn't think that would happen!

Total kms for February so far, 199kms

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