Monday, February 8, 2010

Back To The Treadmill

Now when I say I run on a treadmill, it's not some dinky little thing.
When hubby and I were in the market for one, we wanted a super duper one, comparable to any you'd find in a gym.

We ended up buying the Reebok T5. It's long, wide and has a good motor and is able to support runners up to 120kgs in weight. My husband weighed that much when we bought it but he's under 100kgs now - and for the record, no longer running but an avid cyclist....

So this morning as I have strict time constraints (kids/school/shopping etc) and was still nursing niggly knees from my longer runs this week, I was back on the treadmill at 6am.
I did 10kms while watching Sunrise but was really using mind games to get me through those last few kms.
It's hot.
It's going to be hot tomorrow.
It's going to be hot the day after that...

I'm on the treadmill for the next two days also....

At least it's not far to get to the shower!

Now, gotta get these kids to school!!

Total kms for February so far, 71kms

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