Monday, February 15, 2010

Goddam Closed Captioning

I was on the treadmill at 5am again this morning.
Hubby is on night shift and the kids are sleeping so I have the volume down on the TV and turn on closed captioning.
Have you ever tried to watch something that's live, with closed captioning?? I had on some news program. I think it was Channel Nine.
Whatever channel, it was so annoying!
The captioning came up late... so much so, that I wasn't even sure it was on when I first put it on and had to fiddle around turning it off and on until I realised what was happening.
Then when it was on, it wasn't making sense to the picture that was being displayed with the words.

At least there weren't any typo's though.
When I watch Channel 7's live closed captioning, it's pretty much as they're talking but it's chock full of typo's!
But that in itself is entertaining to watch and makes time on the treadmill pass quickly as I try to figure out what in the hell they're trying to say (It's great when they're trying to type out foreign names!)

It was a good recovery run this morning as I've been feeling a bit flat from my longer road runs.
Unfortunately the treadmill is the only option during week days but as I've written before, it's a heavy duty one, comparable to any you'd see in any gym.

So now I'm all runned up and ready for the day... Another dentist appointment today. Yikes!

Total kilometres for February so far, 131kms

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