Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ho Hum

Feel a bit drained today. Don't know if it's because I've been running earlier than usual.

This morning I started at 5.45am because I wanted to be done before hubby got home from his night shift... I normally don't mind doing that (and I normally run early anyhow) but today it seemed a little harder than usual. 12kms again today.
It's humid and I perspired disgustingly!

Still, as always, the finish line gives immense satisfaction.

So now, as I work the next three days, I have those days off running BUT I might throw in a 6kms treadmill run Thursday night if hubby goes out just to keep me going.
I really hate the long break....


  1. Ho-hum is a good way to describe it. I'm that way too... Just not into a groove yet.

  2. You and me both. I'm hoping it will pass.