Sunday, February 21, 2010

Humidity, Blisters, and fear of a hard run.

My run was on the treadmill today. All 12kms of it.

And unbelievably when I was weighing up my options, road/treadmill, the treadmill option looked more attractive because
1. It was humid outside and I didn't want drown in my own sweat
2. I've got blisters on blisters that I'm starting to get a little worried about again and the treadmill is a fraction more forgiving.
3. Yesterday was such a hard run I didn't want to go back out there again.

Oh, and I'll add a fourth that's not listed in my title... Hubby Tivo'ed an SBS movie for me and I love watching those while on the treadmill because reading the subtitles takes my mind off what I'm doing and the run goes quite quickly.

And it was fairly easy and seemed to go by quickly...

Total kms for February, 187kms


  1. What do you think is causing your blisters? Have you tried some different socks (Thorlos are great) or some Bodyglide or something ?

  2. Hey I haven't heard of Thorlos! I'll have to check that out...
    I think new shoes were the initial culprit although I was starting to suspect the socks had something to do with it too just recently... Will definitely take a look at what you've suggested. Thanks :)