Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back On The Road

Did a road run this morning.
I thought after a two day break, and with cooler weather, I'd feel stronger.

I didn't feel bad, I just thought I'd feel stronger than I did.

I had to consciously keep telling myself to not worry about speed because I can get so caught up in it!
I wasn't sure how long I was going to run for and in the end, while I was running settled for 16kms.
My garmin told me I averaged 11km/hr for the total run so I guess it wasn't too bad. My hips felt a little sore at the start and I got this stupid cramping thing happening in my calf/behind my knee at about the 11km mark. It really slowed me down but I didn't stop and eventually I shook it out. Damn annoying though!

Happy to say no pedestrians or cars got in my way and all lights I happened to pass through were green.
Yay for that!

The last stretch is always so good. I get a renewed burst of energy and power through the last kilometre. I love that feeling.

Total kilometres for February so far is 107.

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