Thursday, February 18, 2010

Schedule an Unscheduled run...

I think I'm going to have to turn this into a scheduled run day because I've run it the last few weeks.

For the record, I run every day I don't work, and I only work every Thursday and Friday, and every second Wednesday.... so I run 4 days in a row one week and 5 days in a row in the next.

The problem is, after I run four days in a row, I then work the next three which means I have a three day break from running.

That's way too long right?

So I've been trying to run on the Thursday, just a short distance, to keep me limber and ready for my run on Saturday.

So this morning I was up early and running and to spice things up a bit, I ran in my new, blister causing, shoes.

I wrote about the consequences the first time I used these shoes. Since then, I've been scared to wear them although I did wear them for an 8km walk after the blisters healed with no problems.

I started thinking maybe it was the socks that had caused the horrific blisters because I've never had a problem with shoes and blisters AND the socks I had been wearing were old and dry... and I thought maybe they'd just caught in my shoes...

Anyhow, I wore the new shoes (asics) with new socks and ran 8kms.

I did a bit of damage but no where near as bad as the first time I wore these shoes so that was promising.
When I first put them on and walked around I felt like I was walking on air! It's not fair that when I run in them, they give me blisters!
I didn't feel any discomfort till I was at the 4km mark. I held on and ran the full 8kms... just a short one this morning... and immediately took my shoes off to inspect the damage. Barely broke the skin... just a bit of redness and a pinkish hue on my socks
Could have been worse!

Think I'll be back to the old shoes for a little while longer though.

Total kilometres for February, 151kms.

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