Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Those harder runs make the next ones easier...

I've increase my standard runs to 12kms each time. I don't know if I did it too quickly, but didn't want to bring it back to anything lower after making 12kms the standard. But today, while I was running, I realised that those times when it seems harder, means that my body is working and building and will do whatever it has to do, to make that run be standard for me.
So that the next time I do that distance, it will be just that bit easier.

That's what I found this morning anyhow. I won't say it's easy, but it was ok.

I still don't know how I'd go running a 16kms - something that would have been nothing for me before we left to go overseas... but maybe I'm just trying to do that too soon. I should be happy with 12kms each day right?

Total kms for May 130kms


  1. Yep, alot of people don't run consecutive days or lots of k's when they come back from a layoff. I'm actually surprised that you have managed to do so many k's so quickly coming back, without doing yourself an injury (not that I was wishing that on you). Good going