Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nothing new...

Not much to say but I told myself I'd write every time I ran so I'm writing.

It's mothers day. Not that that makes any difference to me today. My son muttered happy mothers day but that was it. My daughter hasn't said it yet but she has done other things that were very special to me this weekend... life goes on.
Ran my 10kms, did the cleaning (and the kids helped) and it's just a regular Sunday.

10kms is feeling really good but I'm not upping my kms. I feel like I need to keep writing that.

I've got a feeling I might go for a little longer on Tuesday seeing as I'll have a bit of a break after that. I just want to be back to where I was before!

So for anyone who reads this who has a mum, treat her special today cos god knows she's probably always thinking of you.

Total kms for May 50kms

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