Monday, May 10, 2010

Eating too many vegetables isn't a great thing...

Last night, for mothers day, us siblings and our families went out to dinner with mum.
She likes going to this Mongolian restaurant.
The novelty of this restaurant, is that you go up to the "buffet" area and pick out the foods you want in your stir fry. The line starts with frozen meats.. kangaroo, lamb, beef and chicken... then your veggies.... and then the sauces. You put what you want in your bowl, then take it to one of the cooks who throw your combination onto a big hot plate. It cooks in minutes!
It's delicious and dare I say it, nutritious.
But I really should have stopped at three bowls.... I knew I couldn't fit the fourth in but still.. value for money and veggies being my favourite food and all that... I went for the fourth!

I was paying for it last night and this morning, I think it made my run a little sluggish but still I got through it with enough ease that I think I will go for 12kms tomorrow morning.

Total kms for May, 60kms

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  1. A fourth helping? Wow! I definitely couldn't manage that (though I love my veggies!). :)