Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting closer...

I feel like I'm getting closer to what I was before we left to go on holidays.
I can't imagine doing the 60-70kms weeks now but surely I can't be that far off...

This morning I ran 8kms very easily. I knew I could have done more but I'd promised myself I'd ease in slowly... so the question is, will I just do 8kms tomorrow like I'd planned or spike it up to 10kms? After tomorrow I get a 2 day break so maybe I will go for the 10...

I'm not trying to break any records this month. I knew it would be a low kms month.
There's no hope of me reaching JH's months totals so I'm not trying for that but I hope to be right up there next month! :)

Feels good!

I hate writing this monthly total because it's so piddly but..

Total kms for May, 20kms..

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