Saturday, May 8, 2010

Start of four days in a row...

So I did another 10kms this morning. I'm almost where I was before I left. The test will come this week when I run four days in a row of 10kms. Before I left I was running four or five days of 12-14kms runs and a 20+ on the weekend... something like that.
I feel pretty good but I'm scared of over doing it and I feel like I always need to explain/defend myself!

Started my 10 pretty good this morning but felt it a bit at the end. Will be interesting to see how the rest of the week holds up.

I'm also more than a little depressed that Winter is coming and it's yuk outside...and we're getting closer and closer to magpie season which means I won't be doing any cross town runs for a while.
And THAT means I probably won't be ready for the Melbourne Marathon later this year and will just concentrate my sights on the Gold Coast marathon next year... don't think I'd make it this year. That's a little disappointing too.

But I'm taking each day at a time for now and trying not to look too far ahead..

Oh and off topic, they've taken away access to ALL blog sites at work. I HATE that!!! Now what am I supposed to do? Work???

Total kms for May 40kms

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  1. You're not going to let a few little magpies put you off Melbourne Marathon are you? Just get a hat!