Monday, May 24, 2010

Not into it

I've been feeling a bit rundown lately.
I think it's a combination of a few things...
1. My dad's health
2. Doing too much to quickly
3. Being obsessed with my new ipod touch and wanting to play with it all the time :)

So I've told myself I'm not going to stress about doing long runs and just stay at this level of 12kms a time until I start to feel strong again.
Everything else I don't have control over so it's no use worrying about it.
The ipod touch.. .well I have another 23 hours in the day to play with that!

Run started off hard but ended up ok... While I running and feeling good, I tell myself "tomorrow I'll run 16 again" but I wonder if that's such a good idea... See how I feel tomorrow morning but if not, there's no shame in running only 12kms again...

Total kms for May 182kms

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