Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Each day is feeling better...

Ran 10kms this morning. I was confident on the outset and finished strong. Feel pretty good about it. I guess I just have to be careful I don't try to do too much too quickly and get burn out. I'm trying to hold myself back this month.

But I'm so happy that I'm getting back into this quicker than I thought I would. I can feel my body hardening up a little again. I'd gotten so soft so quickly of that month off! Yuk... Amazing what running can do for you! How good it can make you feel!

I'm almost sorry I'm working the next two days and have those days off running...

Total kms for May, 30kms


  1. I'm sure you'll be back running more than me in no-time. (that being said, I'm already up to 59km for May).

    Normally you should follow the 10% rule, but in your case I wouldn't worry too much about that. You have a good base level of running fitness, and should be able to pick up the training pretty well.

    Just listen to your body and back off if things start getting to much.

  2. Good for you, Margot! As for me... running just makes me want to vomit. JH is right, though... listen to your body.