Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Month

Can't help but wonder how many kms I'm going to manage this month.

I tend to be obsessive about things and I wonder how long this running obsession will last. Right now I still can't believe that I'm running the kms I'm doing. I would hope that it would never end. Well I guess the intensity won't last but I think I'll always run to some degree.

When I did that 26.5 run Saturday morning, I started from my usual spot and encountered a group of walkers. They were a HUGE group, all dressed the same and all carrying their water bottles and cackled away as they took up the footpath and half the road.

We had to go in the same direction for a little while and I'm ashamed to say I was hoping no one who saw us thought I was a part of them...
Does that mean I'm a walkist? Antiwalker?

Anyhow, I know the thin line that separates me from them. I'm really no better, I just a few more months under my belt.
I can't believe that I just started running again Sept 2009 after not doing it for two years, and have gone further than I ever did before. It's like a dream.
It makes me think that one day, I may really be able to run a marathon...
I'm not in a rush though. Whatever will be will be, but I can almost see that dream out in the distance, ready to be a part of my reality...

So enough with the jibber jabber.
New month, an easy 12kms this morning... what will the rest of the month bring?

Total kilometres for March so far, 12 kms.

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