Thursday, March 18, 2010

Think I'm Blister Free!!

Thought I'd take advantage of hubby being on night shift to run and early morning 10kms.
Seeing as I was doing a shorter distance, I thought I'd try out my new shoes... the asics that had given me such terrible, blisters that had bloodied up my shoes.

Last time I tried to wear them I started feeling discomfort about 7kms into my 12kms run...

This morning I was only doing 10kms and being paranoid, I wasn't sure if I was feeling discomfort or not but my knees and hips felt FANTASTIC!!! I love the way these shoes treat my joints!!!

Anyhow, the great news is no blisters!!! I took one of the bandages off and there was nothing there. I've left the other on but I'm pretty sure there's nothing there...

You don't know how happy this makes me!

Total kms for March, 170kms

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