Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Half Marathon

I had two high calorie days on Thursday and Friday... the two days I didn't run! Don't know why I had to eat so much. I didn't actually feel full or bloated so maybe my body just needed it all.

Anyhow, I knew today was time for another half marathon at least and the condition were JUST TOO DAMN PERFECT!!!
I'm not kidding! The sky was red as dawn was almost gone as I head out and there wasn't much wind at all. There was a strong ocean smell and I almost changed my mind and ran along the beach but I didn't... Maybe tomorrow...

So I did my favourite 21kms course I've set for myself. The first 5kms were a little hard... I got into my groove from 5-10 but then after the halfway mark, I started wishing I was closer to the finish line and it got a little hard again.
When I had about 7kms to go, something weird happened. I don't know if it was my heart rate strap shifting but I suddenly felt tight in my chest. I must admit, it scared me a little but that's probably not saying much because I always tend to jump to the worst conclusion!!!
I even almost stopped.
I took one step then thought, "what the hell are you doing, you've done this many times before!!!" and started again albeit, a little slower. 1/2kms on and I was fine and even found a good pace.

There were runners ALL OVER THE PLACE and I have to wonder if any of them write on the message boards that I visit... how big is the Adelaide running community? I don't think it's that big...

My time wasn't fantastic for the 21kms... 1 hour, 55 mins, 31 seconds.
I've been faster... but as I kept telling myself throughout the run, it's not speed I'm concentrating on but distance. I just want to make it!

Sometimes I wish we could have an LED display over our heads that told everyone that saw us running on the street, how far we'd gone already because I wonder how fatigued I look towards the end of my run... maybe it's not as bad as I think.... at least I can hope that!

Total kms for March, 123kms

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