Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running Before the BBQ

Seems to be all happening at once today!
Miss 15 had a friend stay over last night and with the bbq today, I knew I wouldn't really be able to do a very long street run, so ended up doing 16kms on the treadmill.... in my asics!!!! I'm so happy I can use those shoes!!

I noticed something else this week too. When I run before work, I am so stiff!!! It's because I have a sit down job I'm sure! I run, I get ready for work, I travel to work and sit.... and when I get up for my first break, I feel like I can hardly move!
When I'm home and I run, I feel fine... in fact most days I don't even feel like I've done anything at all but it's always different when I go to work.

Anyhow, it's now 11.06am and the salads are all mostly ready, meats in the fridge marinating and ready to be bbq'd... Still have to vote but otherwise all ready to go for a very pleasant afternoon indeed!

Total kms for March so far, 186kms

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  1. I'm the same, even if I remember to stretch. If I run to work (it's 27km) I hobble around like an arthritic 70 year-old for the rest of the day.