Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Run in Australia for a month....

Well today was my last run in Australia for the next month. We leave on the weekend and don't return until the 27th of April.
God how much fitness will I have lost then? I so hope I'll be able to run... I hope hubby won't prevent me from going... I hope I'll have opportunity even if it's only for a few short runs a week!
And I hope I'll still have the drive to do it when we come back.

I was up early this morning and was going to go for longer but in the end went for the regular 14kms. I kept thinking.. this it he last 4kms... this is the last 3kms... this is the last 1kms.. etc etc... And then when I finished it was over...

Now I could run before work tomorrow or Friday but I can't see it happening. Too hard to orchestrate with packing before we leave and having clothes ready etc etc....

Total kms for March, 242kms

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