Thursday, April 15, 2010

No running... nothing!!!

Nothing but pudge!!! I haven't run since March 24th...

And another thing, I now understand why runners can run with long sleeved/track tops. It's fricken cold!!!!! It's so frosty!!!

I desperately wanted to run when we first got to Las Vegas but hubby was against it and seeing as we'd only just got here, I didn't want to push it. When we went into Canada... Winnipeg... I didn't want to run. It snowed one morning, and it was just so cold, even though it didn't rain when we were there... It was just miserable and I had resigned myself to not running
(although I got to tell you I'm still over the moon about the deal I got at the nike outlet store in Vegas!!!!! Saved at least 50%... AT LEAST!!!)

So now we're in Niagra Falls and the weather is nice and I want to run... We went on a hike today and just the fact that my heart rate went up made me feel good and made me wanted to do more... Don't think I will though...
And we leave here on Sunday to go back to Vegas.

I'm already planning on starting again from scratch.. maybe starting at 4 or 5 kms a day and seeing how I go till I build up to where I was before I left. Can't wait to wear my new gear!

The one good thing is that my body has benefit ted from this break... but I do miss it!


  1. Ah, good. That gives me a chance to catch up to you!