Sunday, March 14, 2010

You're Goddam Right I Can!

It was supposed to be a recovery run but I wanted to run an old route right along the beach this morning. I guess it was a recovery run in the fact that I was going pretty slow... Averaged 10.7kms/hour. (13kms in total)
But I won't beat myself up about it as I was against a bit of a wind for the first 6kms and I was still sore from my half marathon yesterday...

But what irked me most of all, was when I was about 10kms in, I was coming up from the beach to the road and I had to go up these steps. This old man was coming down the steps and he said to me "you can make it" with a smile on his face.

Now I'm sure he was just trying to be encouraging but I felt like saying "You're @#$#$## goddam right I'm going to make it" I wonder if my face betrayed my emotion.
Or maybe I just looked half dead and he was trying to encourage me... god I hope not... I didn't feel like I was dying... I didn't feel like I was struggling up those steps.... I think he just wanted to make conversation or something.

I did see something funny though. At one point I was on the road and noticed a very large woman jogging on the beach. She really looked like she was going for it and all I could think was "good for her!". But then I heard her shouting "Coco!!!!! Coco!!!!!" and saw she was trying to catch her dog who was fighting with another.... but this dog was at least 800metres away!!! Poor thing. I had to feel sorry for her AND the dog her dog was fighting with!

Kind of sorry that I'm back on the treadmill tomorrow as I enjoyed these last two days on the road. Especially today... didn't realise how much I'd missed the beach. I tend to stay away from the beach because there's too many runners and I feel intimidated... luckily I wasn't passed by any although I did pass a few (on the other side of the road as I hate passing other runners)

Total Kms for March, 136kms

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