Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coming to an end....

I've only got a few more running days until we leave for our trip.
It seems to have come up so quickly now.

Don't know why but I've also been feeling run down now so I guess while I'm dreading, I'm also welcoming the little break. Not that I won't be running at all... I intend to do some running while I'm over there but I know hubby will be over protective and won't let me go out alone so I don't know how that's going to work out. Still, I hope to do SOME running....

And then hopefully I'll get back to it when we come back because I've never been this close to realising my dream of running a marathon... could I really do it? Could I really achieve this goal?

Anyhow, I did another 14kms this morning... felt ok. I was back in the old shoes as I didn't want to chance blisters so close to going away..

This time next week we'll be in LA. How strange does that sound!!! Think the LA marathon is on this week... if things had been scheduled differently, could I have considered running that??? Probably not but it's nice to think about.

Total kms for March, 200kms...

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  1. Thank god you're taking a holiday. I've been trying, and failing, to keep up with you monthly km total. I'm 9km behind right now, but that's only because I did a 28km run this afternoon.

    BTW - you're definitely in shape to run a marathon, at least in my opinion. Why not take a trip to the Gold Coast in early July? It's a good marathon - very flat, very fast, and well organised.