Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still fighting a migraine

I'm being punished for something I'm sure!

Yesterday after my run, the family went to the local Westfield and I had a blinding headache. It was like a knife was piercing my skull every few minutes.
It lasted throughout the day and being as paranoid as I am, I was convinced I had a brain tumour!

It lasted throughout the night and was there again this morning.

I briefly debated not running, and knew if I told hubby about it, he'd get me not to run (well he does have to listen to my whinging after all) but I ended up doing it.
Clocked 12kms on the treadmill while watching a SBS movie. They're great to take my mind off of what I'm doing.

Still I was glad when the treadmill beeped that my run was over.

Head is still pounding but at least I can rest for the rest of the day now.

Total kms for March - 64kms.

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