Monday, March 8, 2010

Setting My Goals

Well yesterday I announced that I'd like next years Gold Coast Marathon to be my first marathon.

Hubby scoffed under his breath "that's if you're still running then".

It's no secret that I get obsessive about thing, then when I get sick of it, leave it by the wayside. I don't know that it would apply to running though because I did start running 10 years ago and only gave it up about 2006... and even then, still ran from time to time, I just didn't do it with any regularity... and because I didn't think I'd ever be able to run longer than about 14kms, I didn't aspire too...

I've proved I can run further now, and I'd like a goal to work towards. If we weren't going overseas later this month, I'd be setting my sights for this years marathon I think...

Anyhow, my brother said he'd like to come so with at least him, hubby and the kids, I'll have a cheering squad of five.
Can't imagine doing it but I'm closer than I've ever been that's for sure!!

And the wonderful news is that the headache that's been plaguing me the last few days has finally gone!!! It was a fairly easy run this morning.

Total kilometres for March, 76kms.


  1. Hmmmm, I think Hubby needs to keep those thoughts to himself! Though it is good inspiration to keep running. He must be jealous!