Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last run before a 2 day break

Finished off stronger than the last two days today.

I'm realising more and more how much the mind controls what the body does.
If I set myself out for 18kms, then my mind is set on completing that much... If I set myself for 12kms, then my mind focuses on that... and when I'm approaching the end, I start looking forward to it and think "i couldn't run a metre more..."
of course, I know I could, but my point is that the mind controls this.

So I'm hoping it's going to be in place on Saturday when I do my over 20kms run...
I hope it won't be too hard on my body. That's what I'm most worried about.
Think I'm going to take Sunday off to recover.. maybe just do a slow jog or walk instead..

Total kms for June, 220kms

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