Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fought Through

For today at least, I fought through.

Got up very late for me. 7.50am. I was so tired.

And the last thing I felt like doing was running...

so I told myself I'd just 'run later' but I put on my running clothes anyhow.

Within 30 minutes I felt like I could start.

Even as I started though, I wanted to stop.... But once I got past a few kms I was a lot better and by the time I was finishing, felt quite strong.
So that's good.
I was so close to not running today and how horrible would I have felt if I didn't run!
so I'm glad I did.

But tomorrow is another day.

Total kms for May 96kms

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got out there Margot- the hardest part is always getting out the front door.Hope you get out there tomorrow as well.

    I have been trying to comment these past weeks but blogger has decided not to let me:(