Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just a smidgen of hope

Well I got an invite on facebook to the Adelaide Marathon in August.


I'd really like to do this but know it would kill my body in it's current condition.

But my goal would be just to finish and I know I can do that! I'd be happy with anything under 4 and 1/2 hours... but happier still just to say I'd done it.

So I put a status update asking if anyone else I knew would be running it... and the chances of that are NIL!!! LOL. I don't know any other runners.
I just need that bit of encouragement.

My husband won't give it to me... not after seeing how I was suffering with my back/shoulder last week but man... I think I could almost do it with the right backing... I'd be scared to death but I think I could do and what a feeling when it's over!! I'd love to have that experience.

12kms run today

Total kms for May, 140kms


  1. Would the training affect your back and shoulders too much? If not, then I say "go for it!" Running a marathon would be a HUGE accomplishment.

  2. Common sense might say "wait until you're trained properly", but who the hell listens to that? I ran my first marathon far less fit than you are. Sure, it was pretty hard, but I'm happy I did it.

  3. Go for it! I just had a massage focusing on my back and shoulders and it has helped heaps- plus I got some good exercises to release the muscles in that area. Time for Hubby to get on the bandwagon. Sara