Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stepping Out...

Amazingly, I actually ventured outside today.

My main goal was to experience a few hills...

It was GREAT to be outside! I'd forgotten how much I loved it! It was cool but the sun was out and there wasn't any wind so it was nice.
I ended up running 14kms outside.

The last 4kms are all uphill and that's what I was focusing on... and I was surprised at how well I took the hill.
I was pushed by an adrenalin rush I had at the beginning of the hill... a tough looking staff put it's nose under my foot. I had no idea he was there until I felt him and it scared the bejeezus out of me!!! He was sans owner too!! Luckily he quickly lost interest in whatever was under my foot and run down another street. And lucky also that he didn't make me trip because he did knock me off my running pattern a bit.

Good news is I wasn't scared by any magpies...

so I'm looking forward to my long run OUTSIDE on Saturday!

total kms for June, 184kms

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  1. Wow, nearly 200kms for the month - that's impressive!