Monday, June 28, 2010

Danger of overtraining?

I think a lot of runners fall into the trap of overtraining.

Not sure if I'm there but I was pretty sluggish this morning and kept watching the clock and the kms, counting down for when my 12kms were going to be up. It was fairly hard and I have two more morning of 12kms to come.
Then I have two days off to my long run this weekend and I'm hoping to do a run of over 20kms on the road on the weekend... Hope the weather holds up!

I'm feeling so nervous about the marathon. It's a long way! But then I've read of people walking the last 10kms and things like that and I don't think I'll be in that position but at least I know if I do have to walk, I won't have been the first one to do it!
I just hope I make the end before the cut off time. LOL

Total kms for June, 196kms

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  1. Yeah, overtraining is easy to do in marathon preparation. There's a fine line between pushing your body to get fitter and pushing your body over its limits.

    I find I feel sluggish while running, and my legs feel really heavy. Also I feel tired a lot more and get sick all the time.