Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WOO HOO!! Personal record reached!

Ok it may not be much to a lot of you seasoned runners but I've reached a personal best for kms run per month. I'm at the 200kms mark for the month, with three more scheduled running days to go, and if I do my regular 10kms run, that will give me 230 for January!

Having said that, today's run was really hard! I don't know why as the conditions were perfect! I got out to my starting point at the beach and just started, no matter how bad I was feeling. I figured I wouldn't worry about my speed and just do the distance. At the 2kms mark, I saw a running group going the other way. They were just starting their run. I have to say, I didn't get the feeling that I wished I was part of them. I just can't see myself getting into that but maybe I'm still new to it all.

So I was running on automatic, thinking it will be easier, and I'll be in "the zone" at about the five kms mark... It never happened!
It was tough the whole way even though I knew I'd be cracking the 200kms mark if I finished the scheduled distance.

And let me say this, it's only January but there are too many fearless magpies out on the road for my liking!!! Though they're not swooping, they have no fear! They'll be on the footpath as I run by and won't move an inch! I'm normally the one who crosses the road and hope to god they don't sense my fear!
Yes I'm a wuss when it comes to those birds and if anything will drive me back to the treadmill in Winter when they're swooping, it's magpies!

The good thing about my run this morning, apart from reaching 200kms for the month, is that I thought I was going really slow but ended up clocking an average run speed of 11kms/hour according to my garmin. Even though that's really slow for some other runners, that's acceptable for me and over 12.6kms it's not too bad. As I've said before, I'm not a young chicken anymore and I only re took up running last September/October...

So I'm proud of myself this morning but tomorrow's a new day!

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