Monday, January 25, 2010

Treadmill Running (Yawn)

While a few entries back I wrote that I enjoyed my early morning run, the last two runs on the treadmill have been excruciatingly boring.

I ran 10kms today and yesterday. I did it mainly to give the joints a bit of a break from the road running I've been doing and it's been wonderful for that! So the treadmill does have it's good points but unless there's something good to watch on tv the time tends to drag and I usually turn to "counting" to while away the time...

I wonder if anyone else does that???

I count four steps to a count. 270 counts in a kilometre... So if I have two kilometres left to go, I count down from 540... It takes my mind off what I'm doing and I can count down without really thinking about it so before I know it I'm down to the last hundred and almost finished....

I hope I haven't just revealed something strange about me!!

On another topic, I'm heading for a record running month this month! I'm stoked about that!
I've already hit my record but I'm going for over 200kms now.
I'm up to 187.4kms for the month so all I'd have to do was to run a 13kms tomorrow and I'll be over the 200 mark!

I don't think I'll get close in February as there's only 28 days and towards the end of March is when we're leaving for over seas so I don't think I'll crack a record there either, so January will be my glory month...

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  1. I do my times tables while I swim laps- it helps me keep count. That is a huge month of running! Sara