Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday 19th January

This morning I did my "standard" run.
Since I've started running again, what's been "standard" has increased by a small percentage every week.
Right now, my standard run is 10kms.
The road course I've mapped out is really quite a good one. It starts off with 3kms along the esplanade so I have pretty ocean views, then goes into the suburbs but in such a way, that I don't even realise that I'm running.
I've got set points all along the way and mentally I think "well it's just that point, then that point, then the esplanade and I'm back at my car!"
Running is all about having the right mindset mentally.

Since I've been running with my garmin I feel like I have to keep to a certain standard and sometimes I don't like that pressure. I do it to myself!
So I start of strong then soon get a little tired and pull it back a bit, but then I make myself go faster again because I don't want to have a disappointing garmin result. You can't fool your garmin!

Anyway today I ran the fastest I have for a while. I averaged 11kms/hour according to the garmin.

By the time I was doing the last 3kms along the esplanade I was feeling comfortable and happy that I had managed to stay the course once again.

I was given an ipod holder, you know the ones you attach on your arm, to run with. I've used it twice now but goddam that thing annoys me because as I run, it twists, and the ear plug cord twists and comes out of my ear. It's not fun! I have to work out another solution or go back to using the bum bag ... which I really don't want to do!

My next set run now isn't until Saturday. That feels a very long time away. I might sneak in a treadmill run Thursday night if hubby goes out.
See what happens!

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