Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back On The Road

This morning I was back on the road for my regular beach run.
I don't know why every time I get out after a day or two break, I feel like I can't run anymore. I doubt my ability.
I don't give in to it but the feelings are always there and I wonder if that's what actually motivates me to run (to prove that I actually can)

So with garmin on wrist I head off.

Instead of doing the regular 10.2kms route though, I decided to go a bit longer and went for 16kms this morning. The first four or five kms were tough as always. Seems to take me that many kms before my body is warmed up and I'm actually in the zone and enjoying it.

On the way back I was against a stiffish breeze but it didn't bother me too much this morning and kept the sweat from pouring into my eyes.

The last two kms were great. I don't know if it's because those last few kms are along the esplanade, or if it's because I'm at the end of my run, but I just love that last stretch. That feeling you get when you make it to the end is amazing.

It's supposed to be heating up here in Adelaide in the next few days so I'll probably keep it to 10.2kms for the next four runs.

And I'm still heading for a record total for January which I'm also very happy about!

Time to hit the shower...

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  1. It has been getting SUPER hot in Adelaide recently- when I was little we would spend every Christmas in Somerton Park with my grandparents- I love Adelaide! Sara