Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peaceful stillness of early morning

I ran this morning as planned (in my last blog entry) and after a very strange night I might add!!! It wasn't too hard to get up after the disturbing dreams I'd been having!

The alarm woke me at 4.55am. I jumped out of bed. Everything was so still and so quiet! It was almost magical.I got my running gear on before my mind had started working I think!
Hubby was still out working (didn't expect him till about 5.30am) and the kids are still away so it was just me in the quiet house.

Today was NOT a scheduled run day but an "extra" so I only did an easy six kms. As I thought might happen, by the time I got to the end I wished I'd set the treadmill for more kms but never mind...

While I'm on the treadmill, I like to watch SBS movies with subtitles so I make sure I tivo any coming up. I watch those movies so that I don't have to have the sound up so loud (to compete with the treadmill's loudness).
I'm sure my neighbours wouldn't have wanted to hear my television at that time of the morning. I've watched many interesting movies that I wouldn't have otherwise seen this way!

It was so relaxing I think I'll do it again next time I have the chance.

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  1. It would be better outside. You can't beat watching the sun come up as you run. Believe me.