Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Training Training

I ended up taking yesterday off as my legs were just so sore. My quads were the worst hit.
Funny though, after the 24kms run on Saturday, I felt ok and ran 12 on Sunday but was a wreck Sunday night...
So rather than chance injury for no reason (and mental fatigue) I took Monday off.
Think it did me good.

I still found it hard today, Tuesday, to do my 12kms. As usual, once I got into it, it was ok but I was still counting down to that finish...

So now I have a few days off until my next run on Saturday where I hope to do about a 20kms run.
I guess I should show someone who knows about training for a marathon my proposed training schedule to see if it's ok... I haven't done that yet!

Sometimes I'm confident I can do it, other times I'm thinking "what the hell was I thinking when I signed up!!!!"
So who knows how I'm going to do on the day!
Sometimes I wish the day was here already so I can just get it over with!

Total kms for June, 48kms

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