Saturday, July 17, 2010

Longest run yet...

Don't know how I feel about today's run.

I did 32kms in 3 hours and 19 seconds. Damn those 19 seconds! I even brought out a semi sprint at the end to try to keep it under 3 hours but never mind.

It started off pretty good. I tried not to think about anything and just focused on running a new route. I was going towards part of the course that will be in the marathon in 4 weeks time.
Part of it is on a bike path and goes up and down and I was worried how my tired legs would handle those (as the last 12kms of the marathon is on a similar path) but I did it ok. In fact, at one point, my husband (who was trailing behind me on his bike carrying my water) asked me if I could feel that when I was going up an incline and I had to say honestly that I couldn't. But I think I couldn't because my legs were numb!!

Towards the end I was on familiar ground... a familiar route and rather than be comforting, I just wanted it to be over so bad!
I don't think I dipped in speed too much which I'm happy about. I kept it pretty steady for the three hours...
I guess I should be happy with it, and I am, but I have to wonder how I'm going to cope in 4 weeks time, doing an extra 10kms.

The difference will be, I'll be on a new course and I'll have people around me encouraging AND I'll know at the end, I would have completed a life time goal... so they're all motivators...

I'm glad I didn't stop when my head was telling me so many times!

I'm also not too sore but I probably will be tomorrow...

Total kms for July, 158kms

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