Thursday, July 8, 2010

Really didn't feel like it

I wish I knew if I were doing the right thing with my training.

Ran 12kms on the treadmill tonight after work.

I'm NOT a nightime runner. I HATE it! I hate doing it especially after a mentally draining day at work...
But because I want to build the kms, I did it tonight...
And I was tossing up between 8, 10 and 12kms... Naturally I did 12 because I'd feel like a failure if I did anything less.
I don't know if it's a good thing or bad that I push myself like this.

Anyhow, Saturday has been forecast to be windy and rainy!! I'm going to run my 20kms in it though no matter what it's like, just in case it will be like that on the day of the marathon... Gotta get used to it!

Glad the run is over tonight anyhow... and now I better hit the shower!!

Total kms for July, 60kms

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