Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Been absent from blogging

I haven't written here for a while but I have been running.
Mostly I just feel overwhelmed by the enormity of this goal I've assigned myself.

I will do it, even if I don't finish, even if it's the windiest, stormiest day out...
I don't think I'll have another chance.

And last night I was thinking it's kinda cool that I'm running 42kms when I'm 42. Maybe there's something in that?

So I've been doing my usual daily 12kms and now will have thursday and friday off before my 32kms run on Saturday.
Hubby will be following me on his bike. He wants me to go along the beach the whole way so it will e easier for him on the bike.
While I don't mind that, I know it's going to be against the wind for at least part of the way and that's going to be awful. It will go over some of the route that we'll be doing in the marathon though so I guess it's beneficial.
I'd mapped out another route entirely which I thought would be a lot easier mentally (and would be sheltered from coastal winds) but never mind.

On Sunday it will be four weeks until the marathon so I've left plenty of healing time after this long run.. I'm sure I'll do another long run before the marathon but I want to cross this bridge first.

I'm really worked up about it no matter how much I try to talk myself down.
I'm excited but scared. Scared of failure.

I don't know what to wear either.. I usual go no sleeves but I don't start running at 6.45am which is when the marathon is supposed to start. I'm pretty sure I'll heat up quick but what if it's stormy and windy? Will I wish for long sleeves?

I wish I had this achievement under my belt already!!

Total kms for July - 126kms

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  1. No, you won't need long sleeves. Yes, you'll be fine on the long run - just start out at a comfortable pace and keep putting one foot in front of the other.