Sunday, July 25, 2010

A 30km run..

Saturday I set out to run 28kms. I wouldn't normally have done a run that long so soon after a long run (32kms run last Saturday) but the marathon is in 3 weeks and I wanted to get one in and let my legs rest for the following 3 weeks.

Anyhow, I did a completely different route than last time and it didn't actually seem very long at all. I was wearing a new water belt and it annoyed the S*&( out of me so I ended up taking the water bottle out and just holding it the whole way. I knew I shouldn't have trialled it on a long run! ugh!

So I started off good. I got to 21kms in 1 hour, 56 mins and 49 seconds. I little slower than last week. Don't know if it was that that started to make me feel depressed. I know I shouldn't have been depressed about it but I was. And I'd been toying with the idea of running 32kms instead of 28... I figured I was there, I was out, why not just do the extra?
Well the balls of my feet (of all things) were hurting and I was starting to cramp a little. It wasn't bad but I was just looking forward to that finish line so badly! I passed 28kms, my original goal, and kept going (that was a miracle in itself) and then at 30kms I finally stopped and walked the last 1 1/2kms home.

Another thing that's bothering me is that both weeks when I've done these longs runs, I haven't been able to walk properly straight afterwards. Makes me realise that if I do have to stop during the marathon, and walk a little, I don't know if I'm going to be able to start running again!

The good thing about the run though was that I didn't have any calf soreness like I did last week and the cramps really weren't bad at all. overall, my body is a lot better than last week. My hips are still a little niggly but this is the first time I've ever really felt it and now that I won't be doing any more long runs I should be fine.

I completed 30kms in 2 hours, 49 minutes and 56 seconds. Slower than last week.

I was a little depressed and disheartened and again overwhelmed at what I'm going to have do in 3 weeks time.

Am I maybe not ready?

Ready or not, I'm still giving it a go but it seems like such a massive task.

Total kms for July 212kms

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  1. Wow! You've covered a lot of mileage in your last couple of training runs. Good luck on your last few weeks of training and the race. Take care. :)