Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Training goes on...

Yesterday I bought a new balance running skirt. I'd always said I'd never wear one and thought they looked kinda silly but you know what, after seeing those pictures and video of me running the Adelaide marathon, I wished I'd been wearing one!!!
It would have hidden my gigantic flabby ass.

No getting around that!

So this morning I ran with it and it felt pretty good. I have to wear skins underneath it though but that didn't seem to bother me.

I'm also wearing my asics... the ones that had given me those bad blisters in January. Although I have a bit of tenderness in that area, I don't think I'll blister again and I was way overdue for new shoes.
I like the way these feel.
I'm sure the last pair of shoes I wore were bad for my running form and perhaps contributed to my current hip injury... but it's all going to come good!

I've got to put in an extra .8kms somewhere to give myself a whole number of total kms for the month!

Total kms for August 186.2

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