Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breathless Beauty

What a fantastic morning!

Last night my brother and I had organised to do a trail run up at Morialta Falls. He's only getting back into running but those trails are so beautiful anyhow I jumped at the chance.

We got there fairly early.. about 7.30am.

It was hard going for him and a few times I left him to run up ahead, then ran back to him just to keep warm.

It was just so exhilirating!

My brother got warmed up after about 30 mins and started to really enjoy it also, picking out trails we could go to make it last just that bit longer...

Had a funny (although not at the time) incident when we were going downhill. My brother was just turning to tell me to be careful as it was really slippery and... you guessed it, I fell straight down on the end of my backbone! Must have looked so funny!
Had a few bumps and scrapes and a bit of an ache in my back but I ran it out and it was fine.

The scenery was gorgous and I saw part of Morialta that I'd never been to before.

I really can't wait to do it again!

I was so pumped when we finished (only did about 9kms there) that I ran another 6kms when we got back to his place.

And nothing else I do today is going to compare to that!


  1. You don't look out of breath. Oh, wait, you didn't mean you?

  2. Now that made me laugh out loud... and I really hope nobody thinks I'm talking about myself!!! lol