Saturday, September 25, 2010


I went back to the dr's today for the results of my xray and they tell me I have osteoarthritis.

It was a bit of a blow but from what they've said, it doesn't have to stop my running... however at the moment it's so bad I can't run... so I'm taking at least two days off... I won't make my 250kms this month. Not happy about that!!!

Not happy about the fact that it's not a condition that gets better... it will only get worse. Maybe not for some time but it's not reversible.

I'll have to search the internet to see what other runners do.

I was trying to get answers from the doctor but didn't really.
I was trying to ask him if running would aggravate it.. Obviously it will when I have the pain, but if the pain eases up, or if it's better with pain relief and I run, will I make it bad again?
I didn't get the answer to that question...

So I didn't run today and I'm really sad about that too....


  1. Oh you poor thing- I have left the doctors in tears before and sobbed the whole way home- so let it out and the start finding a cure/ solution that will give you some hope for your new found pastime. Hope you can find a solution quickly. (((((hugs))))


  2. Injury and illness is a tough blow. I have found the past weeks to be frustrating. I wish you well, but can share with you the following that has worked for me.

    Listen to modern medicine, but also be willing to look at other options. Calcium supplements can and do work. Mum and several friends take them. Light weightbearing exercises at the gym can increase bone density.

    Chia!!- it is part of my daily routine.
    Positive thinking and belief that you will get better are strange concepts when one is hurting, but they helped me heaps over the past few weeks. Even as strange as it sounds repeating to myself that there is nothing wrong with me and that I can and will be able to run again.
    Each day talking to the running gods and those that have gone before me and asking them to be able to once again be able to run at one with and as part of the earth. Asking them that I be reminded not to run for my own selfish reasons but to help others.
    Most of all each night before resting I run my favourite route in my head - I feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my shoulders and the rythm of my breath. The mind is a powerful thing and if we are able to go there in the mind, then the body will follow.

    I wish you well and may you be be out and about and feeling strong again soon. SAM