Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trail Running...

Ok it's no secret that I get obsessed... and my latest obsession seems to be trail running.

I just can't get enough of it!

This morning I did a trail run with a few other trail running nuts.. stole this photo that was taken of the group. Can you see my bushy pony tail?

I met most of these guys for the first time this morning. We were a little quiet, not knowing each other, but that soon changed by the time we'd finished.
I find the group so encouraging and friendly. And the difference with going with the group is that I won't stop if I get tired.. can't let anyone see me stop! So it pushes me further and I really felt like I pushed myself up those hills this morning and loved it! Can't wait to do it again! So nice to have sore quads!

Another photo I stole from another runner...I was still near the front here... Actually I did ok and would have finished sooner if the group I was running with didn't take a slightly longer scenic route. We weren't quite sure where to go but we did know the destination so we just followed the signs and knew we'd eventually get there...

So that's two trail runs in two days... how will my treadmill ever compete with that??
Not a chance!

Today's run courtesy of Garmin

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